Assembly Lines:

We provide our customers with a turnkey system for part assembly solutions. Whether it be a linear conveyor, rotating dial, or pallet transfer systems, we strive to design, engineer, and build systems that are both robust and cost effective.

Clip Assembly Equipment:

We excel in fully automated and operator driven clip assembly machines. Our machines accurately install any type of clip: plastic, metal, or combinations with gaskets or rubber. Bowl feed equipment can be included to assemble clips on injection molded parts while the parts are still on the end of arm tool or robot. No human intervention is necessary prior to the completely assembled part being presented for packaging.

Heat Stake Cells:

Blue Water Controls can provide equipment with Hot Air / Cold Stake or Hot Stake only applications. Our technical expertise can help our customers find the best deployment of technology to meet their part or fastening requirement.

Modular Machines:

Blue Water Controls has saved its customer tens of thousands of dollars providing modular equipment solutions. These interchangeable nesting and tooling plates help save on capital equipment costs, storage space requirements, and change time labor. Our systems all have electrical and pneumatic quick change integration with automatic detection of nesting to modify and change PLC and HMI programs.

Robot Cells:

Blue Water Controls can provide robot integration for new or existing applications, matching the customers’ specific requirements. Our robot cells can effortlessly manipulate parts, inspect parts, and/or spot weld multi-component framing.

Screw Drive Equipment:

Blue Water controls can integrate any screw drive hardware including Atlas Copco, Desouter, and Cleco just to name a few. We have experience with both automatically-fed screws and operator-actuated screw installations.

Sonic Weld Cells:

We design and build machines utilizing major ultrasonic manufacturer components to meet your sonic weld needs. Applications range from hand-held unit integration to complete full-automatic applications.

Verification Machines:

We take pride in developing robust solutions to verify all part content and cycle completion. Our design concepts take into consideration; ease in operator operation, part load / unload, and security part for a failed inspection of any type. We deploy sensors, vision systems and cycle monitoring to achieve this.

Vision Inspection:

We excel in providing vision inspection systems for our customers’ needs. Our machines can inspect for part or component presence, color matching, part orientation, and various other quality points.